Hi Thanks for visiting, I am in the process of revamping my entire web page, and this is very much a temporary affair. However, it does contain basic features including the links below to my Content Writing profile and links to my debut novel. There are also samples of my Content Writing and a sample chapter of my book.

The revamped webpage will be completely live by 20th April 2021.

Please bear with me while I complete the revamp.

In the meantime here are some relevant links: –


The above link will take you to my fiverr profile where you can commission Content Writing Services. I am also Google Certified in the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, certification is available here.

The Following Link is for my debut novel

Alfred Jones and Son, Bros. is a dark comedy/fantasy horror kind of thing. It features an inbred family of travelling undertakers contracted to gather souls for Satan.

It also has a heroine who is disappointed to find herself dead, a mysterious auditor, and quite a lot of knitting. You can read a sample of the reviews here.

And the first chapter is available in its entirety on this page.


Contact me – bob@bobsharp.co.uk