Web Content Writing

As subscribers to my newsletter will be aware of I have been concentrating more recently on that old favourite of mine – Web Content Writing and SEO optimisation, it was something I’d stepped away from as I put all my efforts into getting my novel completed and published. But now I’m back and I’d forgotten just how much fun web content writing can be!

The Skill of Content Writing

Tight deadlines, obscure subject matter, keyword lists. Over the last month I have written over 70 articles on subject matter ranging from the state of the Turkish economy to selecting that first pair of running shoes and everything inbetween. This diversity is a skill that content writers master quickly or the work will dry up even quicker. That 500 word article is something any writer could rattle out in less than hour. But if you want it to sound genuine, then it needs to have a genuine depth of knowledge behind it. That is the time consuming bit, but is actually the part of a job I love most.

I get a huge buzz from taking a customers brief and taking it from a subject I know nothing about to a well-rounded, informed article that the customer loves and includes all the correct keywords. And all usually done on a tight deadline.

Of course sometimes its nice to get a job that you do have knowledge of. Two recent ones I undertook were an article on virus-removal and another on setting up a new PC, for an english language IT company in Spain. I publish the links with their full permission.

Web Content Writing Made Simple

Being a fiction writer has honed my skills as a content writer. A fiction writer has to grab their audience’s attention and quickly. The exact same applies to content writing, people have to want to read on after the first few sentences or words even. A poorly written article will not achieve this. Each article must be written with this in mind, regardless of how dry the subject is. Not only that but it must do it within the confines of briefs that can at times be very specific.

A recent job I finished was a series of 3 x 3000 word articles on a variety of ecologically friendly products. Part of this brief was to include a list of 20 key phrases into the article, with each phrase appearing twice. Also, a keyword had to appear at least twenty-five times. That can be tricky to achieve whilst still maintaining a natural sounding article. After a while(many articles) this becomes a skill in its own right. Web content writing made simple is easier once you master this skill. Did you see what I did there?


And Finally….

Regular readers of my blog will notice a distinct change of tone in this recent one, and that’s another thing about Web Content Writing. – It is a different skill set and a different audience. I may at some time seperate the fiction and conent writing sides of my work into two seperate web-pages and have two distinct blogs. But that’s for the future, in the meantime details of my content writing and package details can be found on my content writing page.