Reviewing the pain….

Another day, another batch of facebook and instagram and a little bit of twitter….

So the saga continues, I keep banging away at social media, my followers continue to grow and so do the following. None of which helps sales though, which could be considered poor to non-existent. Reviews are the thing, without them any book will just languish in the dusty basement of Amazon’s Kindle shop.

A while ago I ran a free offer to try and generate some interest and gather some reviews, I gave away over a hundred books and in return I think it generated….. wait for it…. A review. Whoopee…. I’m not sure why this is, a fellow author I’ve met on facebook did the same and within a week had 38 reviews. Okay so his was a travel blog and wasn’t a long read, but still. I suppose here patience is the key. My priorities are different from everyone elses…

Other news I updated my cover on the basis that although I was pleased with my cover, it made a poor thumbnail. A weekend on Photoshop was spent and I was really pleased. But guess what? The thumbnail was shit. So I updated the Kindle cover only to make it stand out a bit more. We will see if it helps. The thing is though it won’t help with reviews, there are so many promotion sites out there that won’t even look at your work until you have twenty plus reviews. I have eight.

Now this may sound like a moan. There is a reason for that. It is a moan. Hey it’s okay though, nobody reads this either, so I can moan away to my heart’s content.

What to do next? I actually have no idea at all, I will plug away at it, the feedback I get is all positive and having read other authors work(It’s a thing you do once you start mingling on the same facebook pages) I can honestly say that I believe my book to be at least as good as I’ve read and in most instances actually head and shoulders above the other stuff I’ve read, even the ones I have enjoyed have been below my own quality. And I’m not usually one to bang my own drum. What this does mean is that while the confidence in my own ability has grown so my enthusiasm to grind away at sales remains undiminished.

Moan over, that feels better, sometimes it’s just good to get things off your chest…. Until the next time….

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  1. Gak. Well I stumbled upon you via Twitter which I’ve only recently joined as my blog was erroneously blocked by the minions of Mark Zuckerberg which meant I could no longer post links sooooooo Twitter: a different beast entirely!

    But… moan away! You have every right. This can get truly dreary. And I enjoyed reading your moaning because it’s like a balm for my own.

    Haha everyone loves the travel blogs/books! No one wants to be where they are. They want to imagine themselves away.

    Amazon: (groan) Yes, the cover is everything. Mine looks very “remedial” and I have to update it as you did but… I make no money off kindle. And I kind of like my special needs cover now, sitting there with the others.

    I make money off Etsy, weirdly, as I sell illustrations from my blog and my ghostly storybook which I handmade.

    In any case, I hope reviews and purchases pick up for you. Your undertaker book sounds lovely. Dark comic is my favorite. If I make enough extra money to buy a luxury item such as a book, I will buy yours first! And then I will leave a review.

    • Hey thanks for reminding me I had a blog…. Glad I don’t suffer alone. I had a look at your etsy shop actually, very good… I’m in the same position as you or I would commission a drawing of one of my main characters. I do a lot of photoshop stuff for my Instagram and would love a sketch to work with… Take care and thanks for visiting…

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more. Your book is by far one of the best ones I have read. I was having doubts about my own book and I have read it dozens of times over to edit it and without sounding big headed I have enjoyed it every time, but then again I wouldn’t have bothered writing it if I didn’t think it was at least a halfway decent story. So since endeavouring to review other self published writers, I feel slightly more confident in my book, and yet sales do not reflect what I think my book is worth 😔
    I did however read that Amazon doesn’t allow people to review books that they have read while on a free promotion. Not sure how true this is, but it might explain the lack of reviews despite the volume of books given away. I have encountered the same annoyance. But I suppose every little helps. All we can do is keep marching on 😊

    • Oh another comment on my web page.. how exciting. Hi Sarah, I really should stop forgetting about this web page/blog thing… The unexpected side of this whole journey for me is how many nice fellow authors I’ve met that I now consider friends(Yourself of course) I read your own excellent blog - – and it echoes my own experience to a T. But the next time round I will take all these lessons and apply them. Also the whole writing expereince for me was quite an isolating and surprisingly lonely experience. it doesn’t feel that way this time.. thanks for your compliments re my own book, Yours are up there too(although I have still got the 2nd installment to go)

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