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It was good to read a book where the plot slowly builds a fascinating world full of extraordinary 3 dimensional characters. A great tale of blood, gore and humanity. Gut wrenchingly funny on occasions, drily humorous on others. Bob Sharp paints wonderful pictures with words. He makes the unbelievable look ordinary and vice versa. I thoroughly recommend this book.

fantastic read well written and very funny got a bit of every thing in it from comedy/horror/gore/romance and maybe just a touch of steven hawkins/brian cox would not like to meet old alfred on a dark night or in daylight for that matter bob paints an amazing picture with his narrative very much looking forward to the sequel

A fantastical tale, well told, the narrative unfolds at pace ….dry humour and well observed, richly imaginative imagery support the deftly drawn characters which have great presence, both grisly & engaging, an immersive reading experience which would I think actually make a great film ! But in the meantime I look forward to the sequel. Very strong first novel !


  1. An excellent roller coaster of a novel. Well drawn characters and an expansive background of time and space combine to produce a rip roaring tale from beginning to end. No one can be quite sure where one thing begins and another ends. The joy of this book is the journey to resolve just that.
    The descriptive passage of Old Alfred driving the caravan at high speed through the forest at night is brilliant. With many colourful characters, some alive, some dead and some in between, this novel holds your attention until the very end – or is that the beginning?

  2. A great find! This was totally up my street. I really liked the concept of this storyline, the quirky relationships between the characters was well portrayed, the dark humour was on point, the unlikely love story was sweet. This book had a bit of everything for me. And my favourite character was definitely the Auditor …..but you’ll just have to read it yourself to find out why 😁

  3. It’s always a risk taking a punt on an unknown author – you never know what your going to get, and to be fair most of the time you know you’ve made a mistake by the end of the first chapter..

    Not with this book! For me, the pages flew past in a blur and I bashed through the book over a few nights. It weaves the story through the ages, an epic tale with good humour (lots of laugh out loud moments) and nice touch of the macabre.

    I’d like to have seen the first chapter of the next book tagged on to the end ( because I want the next instalment now!) apart from that, an excellent start to a promising career.

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