The pain continues….

So the building of my social media empire continues, it is still painful but now I cast a cursory glance as I see a post from a ‘newbie’ on all the author and writing promotion facebook groups you find yourself being sucked into. I laugh as I think how short a time that fresh faced enthusiasm has to live. If this was ‘Nam I would be the blank eyed marine in grubby and blood stained fatiguies watching the next generation of enthusiastic recruits disembarking with their shiny uniforms and their dreams intact.

..’you get a facebook following consisting of people who follow you to get a facebook following.’

But it all seems to work to a degree, you swap follows and likes with other authors and bloggers, you post instagram links, you share others work and others share yours. The end result is you get a facebook following consisting of people who follow you to get a facebook following. The general consensus amongst all these people swapping likes is that at some point you achieve a momentum that will become a self sustaining thing. We shall see.

I am now an instagrammer too, which is another exercise in frustration. Not much to report on that, at the moment it is early days. Hopefully will have something more to report when I write my next blog. Also my first newsletter went out to a muted response and a barrage of emails and whatsapps explaining my typo’s to me. I wasn’t even sure it had been sent when I got the first response. Hey it works….. All publicity is good publicity. Well, within reason, “Author joins American police force for shits and giggles,” could be an exception…

Other news, I contacted the local paper in Scotland where I lived and they are, hopefully, going to run a feature. That would be great if it happens, which is pretty certain, but no chickens are being counted yet. I’m not going to say much more in this blog, because well there isn’t much more to say… it is all social media, social media, social media at the moment. Please somebody save me, it really is against all my natural instincts…

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