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So having just published the first in my series of novels and stuck it up on amazon all I have to do is sit back and wait for the sales to flood in. Right? Wrong. Not that I ever expected it to be so, but with hindsight I should have been far more prepared for ‘launching’ my book than I was.

As it was I had a quiet launch over zoom with some family members. These being the days of lockdown and social isolation. Only once this was done and the book was uploaded and available on amazon did I actually look into the mechanics of selling it. Well…

It’s a minefield. I supposed an advertising campaign on amazon or facebook would be all the kickstart that would be needed. Wrong again. I blush now at my own naivety. You need reviews, you need social media presence, you need to blog, you need to plug away at book review sites. You need to list here there and everywhere, you start to learn terms like CRM and SEO. You need to research and track your target audience, you do promotions and free days and make decisions like joining KDP select or not.

So there it is… a web that needs to be understood and untangled, and I’m standing right at the threshhold. So what needs done, in what order and what will be succesful. I have no idea but you need to start somewhere…

So here’s a webpage… That’s a start.

And here’s a blog, I wasn’t sure what to blog about so I thought about I might as well blog about my journey to despair or bestseller, or more probably… somewhere inbetween…

Next comes the attack on social media…. which to be honest I’m not looking forward to, being an anti-social sort of fellow.

Cheers folks, here’s to the journey…


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